We Learned What To Do When Your Dog Gets Skunked!

It took over a year but we finally had a run-in with a skunk. Well, Maya actually had the run-in, we just got to enjoy the lingering after effects.

Unfortunately for Maya the skunk sprayed her directly in the face, causing her to spit and gag and wheeze. I didn’t realize what had happened at first – I didn’t see a skunk or smell anything – I only saw her reaction. When the smell hit it was pretty clear what had happened though.

Maya got a shower right away and it relieved the burning in her face but didn’t help much with the smell. Fortunately a quick google search found the following recipe for dog de-skunker and it worked amazingly well!

  • 1 quarter cup of baking soda
  • 1 tsp. liquid soap
  • 1 quart of hydrogen peroxide

We only had a tiny amount of hydrogen peroxide so we made a much smaller recipe (just enough to use on Maya’s head and bib). After leaving it to soak in for about 10 minutes we washed it off, thoroughly, and voila, no more skunk smell!

Everyone knows the old stand-by of using tomato juice after a skunk attack, but we didn’t have any tomato juice to try, and in hindsight it would have been a messy solution too. Maya loves to shake out after a bath and I can only imagine a bath in tomato juice would be no different.

I also learned that skunks are most active at dawn and dusk so the next time the dogs go outside at night it will be on a leash!

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