Maya’s Big Beach Day

Last Christmas and for my birthday Kristie, my parents and my brother got me all set-up with pretty much every GoPro accessory imaginable and yesterday was the first time I’ve managed to take it out and have some fun with it.

I strapped the GoPro Fetch onto Maya’s back and walked through town and to the beach – the video is pretty amazing and I will be posting it shortly. I also used a telescoping handle to get some pretty amazing videos of Maya playing in the waves. There’s lots more videos to come but this one really stands out (and didn’t require any editing so it was easy to put together!). She is completely fearless, nearly body surfing in the waves!

And yeah, we know that most of the blog has been about Maya so far, don’t worry, we will start writing about other stuff too. She’s just so damn cute it’s hard to write about anything else!

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