Maya And Ezri On The Beach – GoPro Style

Another day, another dogs on the beach video. I think it’s time we mixed the topics up a little so I promise the next video will include no dogs and no beaches.

In the meantime, this video was a blast to make. On our last trip to Playa Langosta I finally got Ezri to wear my GoPro dog harness and the results are pretty great. She seemed hesitant at first, but after a few minutes she really didn’t care about the harness and just had fun playing on the beach.

Half way through the beach trip I switched the harness over to Maya and the results weren’t so good. You’ll see in the video she did everything she could to buck the harness off, nearly doing back flips into the rocks to escape. Not a good thing to see and she didn’t wear it for very long!

I don’t understand what the issue was, as she had no real issues the last time she wore the harness, but I can take a hint and didn’t force the issue.

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