It’s Been A While

It’s been almost seven¬†months since we last posted and there’s been a lot of changes since then. We’ve moved into a condo a block from our old rental and we’re loving it. It’s not as cool as the colonial style house we were living in, but it’s massively more comfortable, cleaner, cooler and less bug infested. Needless to say we’re happy. ūüôā

But by far the biggest change is a small¬†addition to our family. We’d like to introduce Ezri Rose Fraser, a tiny little ball of fur and energy that joined our family on June 6.

We first met Ezri at the Tamarindo Feria and fell in love instantly. We adopted her from Doris at Homeless and Helpless (who is trulyincredible and really needs any support anyone is able to give).

Maya was at first curious, then standoffish, then outright mean¬†towards her baby¬†sister. She¬†was¬†an only child for so¬†long, we didn’t expect much more. It took a solid week¬†but Maya slowly learned to accept her sister. They’re still not the best of friends but at least¬†Maya has learned to accept that her sister isn’t going anywhere. There’s also the occasional¬†wrestling match.

Stay tuned for more updates, videos and other great stuff, coming soon!


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