Even The Squirrels Love Coconuts!

One of our favourite spots to watch the sunset, catch some waves and take in happy hour wobbly pops is El Be Tamarindo! They have incredibly fun and comfy spots to chill out in; bean bag chairs, swings and lounge chairs on the beach.

Two weekends ago we discovered that El Be is closed on Sundays, much like the rest of Tamarindo town, but it is still a great swimming hole and place to relax for the afternoon. Last Sunday we set off with our heel of Captain Morgan’s and some snacks to El Be!

We had big plans for our rum, although we mostly always turn down the “agua pipa” (chilled fresh coconuts that they literally hack open with a machete) guys, we thought that we could mix our coconut water up that day. What an adventure these agua pipas became! The biggest coconut fan was a brave Variegated Squirrel that nabbed a girls nearly full coconut right out of her hand as she was giving him a small taste of the shell.

It was hilarious, the squirrel seemed to be a professional coconut thief, running up the tree with a full coconut hanging out of his mouth! 😂LOL!! Good thing he didn’t steal ours or he would have fallen drunk right out of the tree.

Maya also discovered that the sand under the surface was cooler than the top layer and spent the afternoon digging holes for her to lay down in. Unfortunately her aim isn’t great (or is it?) and she practically buried Jeff with sand during one of her excavations.

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