Should we start drinking the Kool-Aid?

In an attempt to adopt the local ways and also save some dinero, we are slowly getting into drinking tap water. Both Jeff and I have had a series of the Twinrix treatment and I had a booster before moving to Costa Rica as it is only good for 20 years.

slide_31357_300850_largeWe are both huge fans of drinking water – going through 2-3 litres each back in Canada. Since arriving in Costa Rica we have been buying bottled water as all good travellers are supposed to do. The six litre bottles of filtered water are about $4 (USD) in the grocery store and we can finish one bottle in about three days so we figured it’s time we start drinking some tap water. Instead of drinking it straight we’re making juice – who knew Tang was available in a whole array of tropical flavours like Tamarind, Guava and Passion Fruit. It’s been about four days since we started doing this and we feel fine 🙂

I have drank tap water on its own with ice but have yet to enjoy it luke warm 🙁 …we’re trying. Jeff hasn’t been brave enough to drink the tap water on it’s own.

Tuesdays are recycling day in town, I guess we’ll see how easy it is to cart all of our empties too! Maybe another good reason to become more Tico like and drink the tap water 😉