Departure Day Is here

April was a trying month of wrapping up loose ends; Maya’s four vet appointments, three doctors appointments for both Jeff and I, Jeff’s launch of his brand new website and a year end in April for the company that I work for, Gateway Tubulars Ltd.

This past month has also, more importantly, been full of calls and visits over home-cooked meals and dinners out with our amazing family and friends.

Adding to our nervousness, Karen from Boomerang Pet Carriers, picked up Maya this afternoon and delivered her to United Airline’s cargo facility at the Calgary airport so she can be shipped on our flight as cargo. This is one of the hardest things we have had to to deal with, worrying how she’s doing all by herself in a big noisy and lonely warehouse overnight at the Houston airport. We won’t see her again until we arrive in Liberia tomorrow afternoon.

It was a bitter sweet day leaving Canada today to begin a new chapter of our lives in Costa Rica. After many tearful goodbyes and text messages, we are looking forward to embarking on the adventure of our lives and the fulfillment of a long awaited dream of a simpler life in Costa Rica.

Pura Vida!

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