All 3 Of Us Arrived Safe And Sound

We have arrived safe and sound in Liberia, Costa Rica. What could easily have been a trip from hell turned into a series of unexpected surprises which made the entire experience enjoyable.

Once we checked in five suitcases at the Calgary airport (including one ridiculously overweight bag that we paid dearly to get on the plane) our flight from Calgary to Houston was stress free. The only hiccup was the hour we waited on the tarmac while service crews fished a dirty diaper out of the toilet (who flushes a diaper, honestly).

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Departure Day Is here

April was a trying month of wrapping up loose ends; Maya’s four vet appointments, three doctors appointments for both Jeff and I, Jeff’s launch of his brand new website and a year end in April for the company that I work for, Gateway Tubulars Ltd.

This past month has also, more importantly, been full of calls and visits over home-cooked meals and dinners out with our amazing family and friends.

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