Everybody’s getting set up in Costa Rica

Since our arrival in Tamarindo on Saturday we have been most graciously driven around by one of our landlords, Mark Brown, to purchase a wide range of necessities – with five huge suitcases we still managed to leave a few things behind. In the last two days we have managed to pick up housewares, a desk and a printer, some groceries and a sweet bike for me and a tick collar and dog food for Maya at a local veterinary clinic. And today we both got SIM cards for our iPhones and Costa Rican phone numbers.

I think that after Jeff’s desk and two office chairs arrive from San Jose tomorrow, picked up by Joost, our other landlord from Hidden Coast Realty. We can comfortably say that pretty much all of our needs have been met in the first four days!! Without the assistance of Mark & Joost, and having no vehicle to help us get around, this process could have easily taken weeks. We are extremely grateful for both Mark and Joost’s help.

The only thing left on our list now is a bike for Jeff, I think he is jealous of all of the fun that I am having on mine 😜!!


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