An unlocked iPhone and one step closer

This entire process has been a huge learning experience. From dealing with moving companies, figuring out what a resident of a country really is, even dealing with prescription medication. The one thing I hadn’t really considered would take any time at all would be getting my trusty iPhone 6 unlocked.

The start of the process was SUPER easy, just call Rogers, spend half an hour on hold and you’re good to go… well, almost. To complete the process you need to back-up and restore your phone using iTunes – unfortunately that part of the process took me a day of work to complete.

The issue was my computer and how ridiculously full it was, making it impossible to back-up my phone. I had to delete all of my movies and tons of other large files just to make enough space to make the back-up fit. Not a big deal, but I’m anally retentive and needed to ensure that there was a back-up of every single file I deleted.

Once the back-up was done, restoring was painless and only took about 30 minutes. The phone is working perfectly again and I didn’t lose anything during the process. I’m not really sure if the phone is actually unlocked though and I don’t think there is really any way I can tell without putting in a new SIM Card and seeing what happens. Finger’s crossed!


That did not work. At all. Back to square one.


After some re-confirmation of instructions I gave the process another try. Each person I spoke with at Rogers had a slightly different theory on how to unlock an iPhone so I was still confused but at least had a better idea of the process. 

In the end it was simple, I just missed the most important fist step. Use the link below for the simple steps needed. This of course assumed you have called your carrier to unlock your iPhone ahead of time. 

Restoring an iPhone

That’s it, very simple! I inserted my wife’s Bell Mobility SIM card as a test and everything worked flawlessly. 

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