All 3 Of Us Arrived Safe And Sound

We have arrived safe and sound in Liberia, Costa Rica. What could easily have been a trip from hell turned into a series of unexpected surprises which made the entire experience enjoyable.

Once we checked in five suitcases at the Calgary airport (including one ridiculously overweight bag that we paid dearly to get on the plane) our flight from Calgary to Houston was stress free. The only hiccup was the hour we waited on the tarmac while service crews fished a dirty diaper out of the toilet (who flushes a diaper, honestly).

When Kristie and I arrived in Houston we waited and waited… and waited at the baggage carousel for our five bags to come sliding down the chute but they did not arrive. Fortunately, after talking with United Airlines we discovered that our bags were tagged to go straight through to Liberia. This has never happened before, and we didn’t really plan for it, but it could not have been a better experience. Having to cart five huge suitcases across the Houston airport, loading them onto the tiny subway cars and head to the Marriott hotel was not an experience we were looking forward to. Plus, we didn’t have to check check in with five bags at the Houston airport the next day. With our boarding passes printed in Calgary, we breezed through the TSA express line and had a great breakfast at Cat Cora’s Kitchen in the Houston airport.

When we arrived in Liberia a few hours later, all of our bags arrived intact, and most importantly Maya arrived safe and sound. She was slightly dejected when they wheeled her into the terminal, but as soon as she saw us it was pure joy. Even though it was over 30 degrees outside she would not leave our laps during the hour long van ride from Liberia airport to our new home in Tamarindo.


So far so good on our brand new adventure – Maya is adjusting well, the house is great, Hidden Coast Realty, who we are renting from have been amazing so far. We even managed to hit the beach this afternoon – Maya’s very first time. All in all, it’s been a great day!

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