A Calgary Phone Number… In Costa Rica

Now that we have our phones unlocked it’s time to transfer the phone number to a VOIP service. We don’t want to lose our phone numbers but it’s way too crazy expensive to use a Canadian phone in Costa Rica.

Below is the fees to use a Rogers phone for 31 days in Costa Rica. This is on top of your regular phone plan and the data and the limits to phone call minutes are ridiculous.

Based on this you could easily end up spending over $300 each and every month, just to make a few phone calls!

VOIP allows us to keep our same phone numbers but pay a tiny fraction of the cost it would otherwise cost.

I have been using RingCentral in my business for years so adding a few more phone numbers was a no-brainer. The added phone lines only cost $5 per month each.

In total, with business use and personal use, our RingCentral bill is under $75 each month. I’m not sure what the true savings work out too but I would hazard a guess that it is well over $500 a month!

When Kristie and I travelled to Costa Rica in the fall of 2014 we used as a chance to test out RingCentral and it performed flawlessly when we had a good internet connection. in fact, the only trouble we experienced was in Playa Del Coco where our rental unit had terrible wifi reception – our laptops didn’t work either so it’s definitely not a problem with RingCentral.

There are tons of other great features too, like screen sharing, fax service, video calls, text messaging and a great iPhone app too.

Greg from Perpetual West was amazing helping me get set-up and ensuring I had the right plan for my needs. You can deal with Ring Central but you’re totally on your own. Plus Greg’s a really great guy. Seriously.

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